FIRM Country Interaction Workshop, Copenhagen, April 2014

Below you can find the presentations made during the Country Interaction Workshop on NAMAs and LCDS, held on 9 - 11 April at Copenhagen.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1

Opening Session

Opening Remarks
C. Bertelsen

Support Developing Country Mitigation Actions
J. Christensen

Session 1

Introduction to workshop
Sudhir Sharma

Integrating Low Carbon options with Sustainable Development
D Subratty

Session 2

LCDS and its Relevance to NAMAs
D. Subratty

Institutional aspects of Climate Change and NAMAs
M. Hinostroza

Template Contents of the LCDS
M.Z. Romero

Session 3

Country presentations on LCDS
Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Morocco, Senegal, Vietnam

Developing NAMA
The FIRM NAMA template
D. Desgain

The NAMA Facility - Support for the implementation of NAMAs
L. Avery

National Sectoral Baselines
Costa Rica - Projection and Mitigation Scenarios
Mexico - Support for NAMA in Developing countries
South Africa - Uncertainty in Baselines

Challenges in Developing Baselines
U. B. Bendtsen


Session 6

Examples of NAMA MRV

Modelo NAMA
J. Bleckmann

MRV of Transport NAMAs
J. Bleckmann
17 FEBRUARY 2019