Ghana has adopted a Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA), which outlines the development blueprint for Ghana. In line with this, the country has identified 55 National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA), developed a National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (NCCAS) and is in the process of developing a National Climate Change Policy (NCCP).

FIRM activities will support Ghana in strengthening its national mitigation plans and strategies and to get a ‘quick-start’ on technology-based mitigation activities that are compatible with the concept of NAMAs. Ghana has identified Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in cities and energy efficiency as the two key NAMAs to be undertaken in FIRM.

Other UNEP activities in Ghana with relations to FIRM include the Technology Needs Assessment exercise (TNA), the UNEP Green Economy partnership and the CDM Green Facility.

FIRM focal institution in Ghana: The Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST).

The contact person is Raymond Babanawo.

For more information on the FIRM activities in Ghana, please click here.
30 JUNE 2022