The Government of Indonesia has adopted a Mitigation Action Plan for reducing GHG emissions, known as the RAN-GRK. The RAN-GRK outlines the strategies to develop an integrated, concrete, measurable and practical action plan for the period between 2010 and 2020, both at national and provincial levels. The FIRM project, in the context of the RAN-GRK, provides opportunity to develop detailed plans for implementation of measures identified in the RAN-GRK.

FIRM will work with the country in integrating strategies for low carbon growth into sectoral development plans. Further, FIRM will support development of NAMAs in solar based renewable energy expansion and energy efficiency in the industrial sector.

Other UNEP activities in Indonesia with relation to FIRM include the Technology Needs Assessment exercise (TNA), the UNEP Green Economy initiative and the UN-REDD Programme.

FIRM focal institution in Indonesia: National Council for Climate Change (NCCC).

The contact person is Widiatmini Sih Winanti.

For more information on the FIRM activities in Indonesia, please click here.
30 JUNE 2022