Morocco is currently in the process of developing a National Climate Change Strategy and activities under FIRM intend to elaborate on the mitigation component of the strategy. Prioritized sectors for NAMA development have been identified and include the wind, solar and waste energy sector.

Other UNEP activities in Morocco with relation to FIRM include the Technology Needs Assessment exercise (TNA) as well as a joint UNEP-GIZ collaboration on Green Economy and low carbon development. Morocco has also signed a project with UNDP with plans to develop a Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) which is in alignment with FIRM.

FIRM focal institution in Morocco: Ministère de l´Energie, des Mines, de l´Eau et de l´Environnement. Département de l´Observation et de la Programmation.

The contact person is Maya Aherdan.

Morocco has prepared two proposals under the FIRM project:

Programme for large-scale deployment of rooftop solar PV connected to the low voltage electricity grid in the residential sector (English translation)

NAMA for large-scale deployment of solar pumping in irrigation water saving projects (English translation)

For more information on the FIRM activities in Morocco, please click here.


30 JUNE 2022