The Final Country Reports can be accessed here.

The template for NAMA proposal can be downloaded here.

The template for LCDS report can be downloaded here.

Publications produced under the FIRM Project are presented below.

Taking stock of the (I)NDCs of developing countries: regional (I)NDC coverage of mitigation sectors and measures







Understanding the Paris Agreement: Analysing the Reporting Requirements under the Enhanced Transparency Framework







FIRM Project Update 2013














Selected publications relating to mitigation actions by UNEP DTU Partnership are presented below: 

Perspectives 2015: Transformational Change for Low Carbon and Sustainable Development







From Theory To Practice: Understanding Transformational Change to NAMAs







How are INDCs and NAMAs linked?

(First draft for Consultation)






Financing Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions







Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action: Understanding the MRV framework for Developing Countries 







Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action: Understanding NAMA Cycle







 Institutional aspects of NAMA development and implementation







 Understanding the concept of NAMAs





National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Baseline Scenarios






Measuring Reporting Verifying







Low Carbon Development Strategies






Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation - Building Sector
(UNEP Risø Centre, 1 September 2012)





Accessing International Funding for Climate Change - Mitigation
(UNEP Risø Centre, 15 August 2012)





Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation - Agriculture Sector
(UNEP Risø Centre, 30 July 2012)





Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation – Transport Sector
(UNEP Risø Centre, 30 March 2011)





Handbook for Conducting Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change
(UNDP, 30 November 2010)





Diffusion of renewable energy technologies - Case studies of enabling frameworks in developing countries
(UNEP Risø Centre, 14 November 2011)





NAMAs and the Carbon Market
Carbon Market Perspectives Series 2009







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