Regional Workshop on NAMAs in Vietnam

Below you can access the agenda and presentations from the Regional Workshop on NAMAs held in Ha Long City, Viet Nam, 1 - 3 October 2014.


Participants List


Day 1

Session 1
GIZ and NAMAs – NAMA support Activities
Anna Pia Schreyögg, GIZ Vietnam

Supporting Mitigation in Developing CountriesThe NAMAs Approach
Jerome Malavelle, UNEP

Mitigation in the context of national sustainable development plans and strategies
Miriam Hinostroza, UNEP DTU Partnership

Mitigation Option and NAMA Development in Vietnam
Chu Thi Thanh Huong, MONRE Viet Nam

Session 2 
NAMA Prioritization Process
Sudhir Sharma, UNEP DTU Partnership 

NAMA prioritization and relevance of Sustainable Development: Vietnam’s experience 
Huynh Thi Lan Huong, Deputy Director General of IMHEN, MONRE

NAMA process cycle and Institutional arrangements for managing NAMA process
Sudhir Sharma and Miriam Hinostroza, UNEP DTU Partnership

Institutional Arrangements for Mitigation
Arnold Belver, Climate Change Commission

MRV of NAMAs and Data Reporting in BURs
Sudhir Sharma, UNEP DTU Partnership

National MRV Framework for Indonesia National Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
Murni Titi Resdiana, National Council on Climate Change

Day 2

Session 3A - Building
NAMA Development for the Building Sector
Curt Garrigan, UNEP

Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector: Mitigation Potentials & Policies
Sophie Shnapp – GBPN Policy Analyst

Policy Frameworks for Energy Efficient Buildings
Jeffery Neng, Building and Construction Authority of Singapore

Indonesia NAMA Development Green Building Co-Benefit Energy and Water Saving
Mr. Muhammad Idrus Alhamid, University of Indonesia

Session 3B - Transport

Welcome remarks & outline of the session
Alvin Mejia, Clean Air Asia

Introduction to transport NAMAs
Stefan Bakker, GIZ Thailand

MRV for transport NAMAs
Sudhir Sharma, UNEP DTU Partnership

Country case - Indonesia
Widiatmini Sih Winanti, National Council on Climate Change, Indonesia

Country case - Thailand
Chutinthorn Praditpet, Office of Transport Policy and Planning Thailand

Country case - Sri Lanka
Chamika Iddagoda, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Sri Lanka

Session 3C – Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency NAMAs
Sudhir Sharma, UNEP DTU Partnership

Development of Smart Street Lighting Initiative (SSLI) NAMA
Awang Riyadi, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources

Phasing out Incandescent Lamps through Lighting Market Transformation in VN
Le Van Hiep, Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE)

Indonesia Regenerative Burner Combustion System (RBCS) Program
Denny Noviansyah, Ministry of Industry

Session 3D – Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy NAMAs
Miriam Hinostroza, UNEP DTU Partnership

Vietnam: NAMA biogas for onsite power generation at pig farms
Nguyen Mong Cuong, Director of Research Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development)

Country’s experience: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop in Indonesia
Abdi Dharma Saragih, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Country’s experience - Wind NAMA proposal in Vietnam
Nguyen Minh Bao, Institute of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade


Session 4 – Financial structuring of NAMAs
NAMA FACILITY: Implementation of Mexican Housing NAMA
Andreas Gruner (via video conference), Implementación de la NAMA de Vivienda Nueva, GIZ Mexico

Maximising the role of NAMA Finance – The Colombian Example
Laura Wang, Center for Clean Air Policy

Financing mechanism for solar water heaters in the residential sector in Tunisia
Jerome Malavelle, UNEP

CTCN - Supporting the development and implementation of NAMAS
Sudhir Sharma, UNEP DTU Partnership

The NAMA Facility – Support for the Implementation of NAMAs
Stefan Bakker, GIZ 
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