The FIRM project, as presented in the diagram below, has three main project components:
  1. Developing a national low carbon development framework and NAMAs priorities
  2. Supporting national processes for development and formulation of NAMAs ready to be implemented. 
  3. Developing analytical materials and sharing project experiences and analytical results, including through regional and international networks.

FIRM strengthens UNEP’s Green Economy programme by providing analysis, tools and capacity to turn opportunities and potentials within climate change mitigation into actual emission reduction strategies and projects, in line with the Green Economy goals of improving human well-being and social equity by fostering more effective environmental management.

  • National low-carbon development framework containing a list of elaborated priority NAMAs, including considerations for Monitoring, Verification and Reporting (MRV) under the UNFCCC
  • Support the process for piloting a selected NAMA to remove non-financial barriers in preparing countries to absorb funding to scale up deployment of clean technologies and improvement of human well-being and the environment
  • Increased South-South and North-South cooperation on climate change mitigation, technology transfer, and NAMA implementation
  • Enhanced or expanded regional network for knowledge and experience sharing 
  • FIRM success stories and lessons learnt that build support for multilateral approaches to climate change mitigation
17 MAY 2022