Final Country Reports Phase 1


This page presents the final project deliverables from the FIRM Participating Countries.

Costa Rica - Low Carbon Development Strategy







Costa Rica - Urban NAMA







Ethiopia - Forest NAMA







Ethiopia - Urban Waste NAMA







Ghana - BRT NAMA







Ghana - Energy Efficiency NAMA







Ghana - Low Carbon Development Strategy







Indonesia - Indonesia Solar PV Rooftop Program NAMA







Indonesia - Regenerative Burner Combustion System (RBCS) Program NAMA







Indonesia - MRV Framework







Morocco - MRV







Morocco - Indicateurs SD et EE







Morocco - Inventaire Energie







Morocco - Module NAMA







Morocco - Solar Pumping NAMA







Morocco - Solar PV Household NAMA






South Africa - Technical report







Vietnam - Biogas NAMA







Vietnam - LCDS for Renewable Energy







Vietnam - Wind NAMA






30 JUNE 2022